AO4ELT5 Proceedings

PSF reconstruction for integral field spectrograph OSIRIS at Keck

Ciurlo, Anna (University of California Los Angeles), Do, Tuan (University of California Los Angeles), Witzel, Gunther (University of California Los Angeles), Lu, Jessica (University of California Berkley), Fitzgerald, Michael (University of California Los Angeles), Ghez, Andrea (University of California Los Angeles)

PSF information is central to extract science information with adaptive optics observations. However, spatial and temporal variations in the PSF have been a major obstacle in obtaining accurate PSFs. In particular, anisoplanatism is a dominant source of PSF variation for observations of the Galactic center with Keck, using laser-guide star adaptative optics. The Galactic Center Group at UCLA has developed algorithms to predict PSF variability for Keck AO images (Off-axis PSF reconstruction), creating a new software package (AIROPA). For OSIRIS integral field spectrograph the small field of view prevents from having a good estimate of the PSF. AIROPA allows to use a parallel imager to do so, correcting for the imager’s anisoplanatism and for instrumental aberrations. Here, we present preliminary results of the application of this post-processing tool to OSIRIS datasets in the Galactic Center.

DOI: 10.26698/AO4ELT5.0107- Proceeding PDF

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