AO4ELT5 Proceedings

Acquisition and Dithering with the TMT IRIS On-Instrument Wavefront Sensor System

Andersen, David (NRC HAA), Dunn, Jennifer (NRC HAA), Larkin, James (UCLA), Wright, Shelley (UCSD), Chisholm, Eric (TMT), Atwood, Jenny (NRC HAA), Chapin, Edward (NRC HAA), Hardy, Tim (NRC HAA), Smith, Roger (CIT), Trancho, Gelys (TMT)

IRIS is a first-light facility instrument for the TMT that operates as a client of the NFIRAOS MCAO system. IRIS is a collaboration between TMT, Caltech, the University of California, NAOJ and NRC Herzberg. IRIS contains three On-Instrument WaveFront Sensors (OIWFS) probes which together with On-Detector Guide Windows (ODGW) on the IRIS imager, pick off light from natural guide stars over a two arcminute diameter field of regard. Here, we present typical use cases for the OIWFS and ODGW including acquisition, dithering, and tracking non-sidereal targets while highlighting design choices that allow these operations to be performed in the minimal amount of time while achieving the required performance. We conclude with some potential changes that will be explored early in the final design phase.

DOI: 10.26698/AO4ELT5.0124- Proceeding PDF

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