AO4ELT5 Proceedings

Preliminary performance results of the Weighted Fourier Phase Slope centroiding method for Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors obtained with the OOMAO simulator

Chulani, Haresh M. (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias), Rodríguez-Ramos, Jose Manuel (Universidad de La Laguna)

"Weighted Fourier Phase Slope" is a centroiding method that operates in the Fourier domain. It directly computes the Fourier phase slope at discrete spatial frequencies without the intermediate step of working out the phase, and then applies a weight to the slope at each frequency which is application's geometry dependent. The number of spatial frequencies involved is a few, and the computational requirement is significantly lesser than for the Cross-Correlation centroiding method. The algorithm has been introduced in the OOMAO (Object Oriented Matlab for Adaptive Optics) simulator's Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor object, and its performance compared with Thresholded Centre of Gravity and Cross-Correlation centroiding methods, for natural guide star open loop compensated adaptive optics systems. These preliminary results show a sensitiveness and sky coverage performance similar to Cross-Correlation’s, with an improvement over the Thresholded Centre of Gravity of 0.6 to 0.7 in the limiting star magnitude.

DOI: 10.26698/AO4ELT5.0013- Proceeding PDF

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