AO4ELT5 Proceedings

MAORY design trade-off study: tomography dimensioning

Oberti, Sylvain (ESO), Le Louarn, Miska (ESO), Diolaiti, Emiliano (INAF Bologna), Arcidiacono, Carmelo (INAF Bologna), Schreiber, Laura (INAF Bologna), Lombini, Matteo (INAF Bologna), Cortecchia, Fausto (INAF Bologna)

MAORY is the MCAO module that will equip the Nasmyth A of the E-ELT and feed the instrument MICADO as well as a potential second port instrument. In this paper, by means of end-to-end simulations, we will study the main dimensioning parameters that impact the tomography performance. The explored parameter space will cover the number of post-focal Deformable Mirrors, their pitches and conjugation altitude as well as the number of Laser Guide Stars and their position on the sky. The simulation results will support the design trade-off aiming at maximizing the Adaptive Optics performance in a field of view of up to 3' in terms of strehl ratio, uniformity and NGS sky coverage. Sensitivity studies will highlight the robustness of these design choices to the varying conditions of observation such as seeing, turbulence profile and zenith distance.

DOI: 10.26698/AO4ELT5.0162- Proceeding PDF

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