AO4ELT5 Proceedings

AOF – first on-sky performance of the GALACSI GLAO mode (or how to close 10 loops in less than 5 minutes)

Kolb, Johann (ESO), Madec, Pierre-Yves (ESO), Arsenault, Robin (ESO), Oberti, Sylvain (ESO), Paufique, Jerome (ESO), La Penna, Paolo (ESO), Ströbele, Stefan (ESO), Donaldson, Robert (ESO), Soenke, Christian (ESO), Suárez Valles, Marcos (ESO), Kiekebusch, Mario (ESO), Argomedo, Javier (ESO), Le Louarn, Miska (ESO), Vernet, Elise (ESO), Haguenauer, Pierre (ESO), Duhoux, Philippe (ESO), Aller-Carpentier, Emmanuel (ESO), Valenzuela, Jose Javier (ESO), Guerra, Juan Carlos (ESO)

GALACSI is an AO module that equips the VLT Yepun, making use of the recently installed Deformable Secondary Mirror and 4 Laser Guide Star Facility. In its Wide Field Mode, it feeds the MUSE instrument with a GLAO corrected FoV in the visible of 1 arcmin square. This paper will present the results of the first commissionings that took place from March to June 2017: Acquisition and Observation, taking over the telescope Active control and AO performance vs. Turbulence conditions.

DOI: 10.26698/AO4ELT5.0038- Proceeding PDF

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