AO4ELT5 Proceedings

The E-ELT M4, on its way to becoming a reality

Vernet, Elise (ESO), Biasi, Roberto (Microgate), Gallieni, Daniele (ADS International), Tintori, Matteo (ADS International), Briguglio, Runa (INAF-Arcetri), Andrighettoni, Mario (Microgate), Angerer, Gerald (Microgate), Manetti, Mauro (Microgate), Pescoller, Dietrich (Microgate), Mantegazza, Marco (ADS International), Fumi, Pierluigi (ADS International), Xompero, Marco (INAF-Arcetri), Pariani, Giorgio (INAF-Merate), Riccardi, Armando (INAF-Arcetri), Cayrel, Marc (ESO), Pettazzi, Lorenzo (ESO), Lilley, Paul (ESO), Mueller, Michael (ESO), Koch, Franz (ESO), Hubin, Norbert (ESO)

The final design of the M4 Unit is almost complete. Most of the critical prototypes have been successfully tested and a few are currently under test. The first subsystems are already in manufacturing phase. A detailed description of the design characteristics is provided in this article. A comparison between performance analysis and prototype results is provided for the critical items. The next steps are also described including the detailed test plan of the segment prototype setup.

DOI: 10.26698/AO4ELT5.0070- Proceeding PDF

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