AO4ELT5 Proceedings

Pioneering high contrast science instruments for planet characterization on giant segmented mirror telescopes

Jovanovic, Nemanja (Subaru Telescope)

A suite of science instruments is critical to any high contrast imaging facility, as it defines the science capabilities and observing modes available. SCExAO uses a modular approach which allows for state-of-the-art visitor modules to be tested within an observatory environment on an 8-m class telescope. This allows for rapid prototyping of new and innovative imaging techniques that otherwise take much longer in traditional instrument design. With the aim of maturing science modules for an advanced high contrast imager on an ELT that will be capable of imaging terrestrial planets, we offer an overview and status update on the various science modules currently under test within the SCExAO instrument.

DOI: 10.26698/AO4ELT5.0075- Proceeding PDF

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