AO4ELT5 Proceedings

Evaluation of statistical turbulence models for use in the Distributed Kalman Filter

Cranney, Jesse (University of Newcastle), Piatrou, Piotr (Space Environment Research Centre), De Dona, Jose (University of Newcastle), Rigaut, Francois (Space Environment Research Centre), Korkiakoski, Visa (Space Environment Research Centre)

The Kalman Filter (KF) application to wavefront control in Adaptive Optics (AO) shows great promise with respect to achieving the best atmospheric turbulence error rejection, provided an adequate model for the turbulence temporal dynamics exists. The advent of the computationally ecient Distributed Kalman Filter (DKF) algorithm makes the KF approach especially attractive for the future of high DOF AO systems (As is the case in the Extremely Large Telescope class). In this work we try to address a signi cant drawback of the existing DKF state space model, which is too simplistic (single parameter scalar diagonal state matrix) to describe the atmosphere turbulence dynamics. We investigate a broader family of Block-Toeplitz with Toeplitz Blocks (BTTB) state matrices, which, on one hand, are able to better grasp statistical properties of the turbulence to provide signi cantly better prediction power and, on the other hand, preserve the shift invariance property, a corner stone of the DKF algorithm. We demonstrate the capabilities of the new model in the end-to-end simulations of the DKF-driven Single Conjugate AO system.

DOI: 10.26698/AO4ELT5.0087- Proceeding PDF

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