AO4ELT5 Proceedings

Multiple spatial frequencies wavefront sensing

Ragazzoni, Roberto (INAF-OAPD, ADONI), Vassallo, Daniele (INAF-OAPD, UNIPD, ADONI), Dima, Marco (INAF-OAPD,ADONI), Portaluri, Elisa (INAF-OAPD, ADONI), Bergomi, Maria (INAF-OAPD, ADONI), Greggio, Davide (INAF-OAPD, ADONI), Viotto, Valentina (INAF-OAPD, ADONI), Biondi, Federico (INAF-OAPD, ADONI), Carolo, Elena (INAF-OAPD, ADONI), Chinellato, Simonetta (INAF-OAPD, ADONI), Farinato, Jacopo (INAF-OAPD, ADONI), Magrin, Demetrio (INAF-OAPD, ADONI), Marafatto, Luca (INAF-OAPD, ADONI)

We describe the concept of splitting spatial frequency perturbations into some kind of pupil planes wavefront sensors. Further to the existing approach of dropping higher spatial frequency to suppress aliasing effects (the so-called spatial filtered Shack-Hartmann), we point out that spatial frequencies splitting and mixing of these in a proper manner, could be handled in order to exhibit some practical or fundamental advantages. In this framework we describe the idea behind such class of concepts and we derive the relationship useful to determine if, by which extent, and under what kind of merit function, these devices can overperform existing conventional sensors.

DOI: 10.26698/AO4ELT5.0095- Proceeding PDF

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