Scientific and social programme   (PDF)

Session 1: Accreting compact objects in era of surveys

 T. Tauris  Invited Reviewer and Discussion Leader
 S. Campana  The population of accreting millisecond pulsars
 J. Casares  Quiescent black hole X-ray binaries
 B. Gänsicke  The galactic population of cataclysmic variables
 C. Heinke  Low mass X-ray binaries in globular clusters
 M. A. P. Torres    The Galactic Bulge Survey    
 B. De Marco  X-ray reverberation studies in LMXBs
 A. Ingram QPOs in LMXBs: observations and interpretation
 S. Motta  X-ray properties and accretion states of LMXBs
 L. Zampieri  Ultraluminous X-ray sources: theory and observations
J. González Hernández   The puzzling orbital decays of LMXBs
 R. Wijnands  Very faint X-ray transients
 J. Homan The population of high accretion rate neutron star LMXBs

Sessions chairs: Phil Charles, Erik Kuulkers and Tiziana Di Salvo 


Session2: Accretion, jets and winds

 R. Fender Invited Reviewer and Discussion Leader
 D. Altamirano Heartbeat oscillations from black-hole X-ray binaries
 M. Diaz-Trigo   X-ray observations of accretion disc winds in LMXBs
 E. Gallo The X-ray/Radio correlation of NS and BH LMXBs
 P. Gandhi Optical and near-infrared observations of Jets
 C. Knigge Winds and Jets in cataclysmic variables
 S. Markoff Jets from X-ray binaries: theory
 M. Middleton Winds and jets in ULXs
 J. Miller-Jones High angular resolution observations of X-ray binary jets
 G. Ponti Winds and accretion states in LMXBs
 D. Russell Polarised emission from X-ray binary jets
 D. Proga Accretion disc winds in X-ray binaries: theory and simulations
 Y. Ueda On the nature of disc winds in ULXs

Sessions chairs: Tomaso Belloni, Paolo D'Avanzo and Nathalie Degenaar


Session 3: Accretion on pulsars

 L .Burderi      Invited Reviewer and Discussion Leader
 R. Breton    The geometry and fundamental parameters of 'Spiders' pulsar binaries
 J. Hernández Santisteban  UV observations of magnetically-accreting white dwarfs
 M. Linares  X-Ray States of redback millisecond pulsars
 T. Marsh  Observations of white dwarf pulsars
 A. Papitto  The discovery of transitional pulsars
 G. Israel  Ultra-luminous X-ray sources and neutron stars

Sessions chairs: Domitilla de Martino and and Pablo Rodríguez-Gil