Invited talks

1- Asteroseismology with SONG
Bedding, T.
2- The Concept of NSO SPRING
Bertello, L.
3- The first four years of SONG data: lessons learned
Grundahl, F.
4- Accuracy and precision of industrial stellar abundances
Jofre, P.
5- Conclusions and way forward
Kjeldsen, H.
6- Imaging stellar surfaces: state-of-the-art and challenges
Korhonen, H.
7- A SONG of seismic host stars
Lundkvist, M. S.
8- Title TBC. Context: Stellar Modelling and Asteroseismology
Mathur, S.
9- The potential for observing stellar activity cycles with SONG
Metcalfe, T.
10- Exoplanets atmospheres with high resolution spectroscopy
Palle, E.
11- Title TBC. Context: Interferometry, Asteroseismology
White, T.

Requested talk

1- SONG policies and time allocation
Antoci, V.
2- Presentation of the SONG project: past and present
Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.
3- The Chinese node
Deng, L
4- Instruments, observations and outreach
Fredslund Andersen, M.
Handberg, R.
6- “Solar-SONG”: A potential Helioseismology node and a versatile solar-synoptic facility.
Pallé, P. L.
7- SONG-Australia at the University of Southern Queensland
Wittenmyer, R.

Contributed talks

1- The exoplanet host star epsilon Tau
Arentoft, T.
2- The envelope of the power spectra of over a thousand delta Scuti stars
Barceló Forteza, S.
3- SONG and BRITE - an opportunity of long-term simultaneous radial velocity and space photometric observing programs on the example of the red giant star Aldebaran
Beck, P.
4- Optical--Mid-Infrared Period--Luminosity Relations for W UMa-type Contact Binaries Based on Gaia DR 1: 8\% Distance Accuracy
Chen, X.
5- Asteroseismology of the slowly rotating active subgiant EK Eri
Corsaro, E.
6- Red Giant Seismology
Frandsen, S.
7- Exoplanets Orbiting G and K Giant Stars
Heeren, P.
8- SONG and exoplanets: the discovery and characterization of MASCARA-3b
Hjorth, M.
9- Amplitude ratios and phase shifts
Houdek, G.
10- Stellar classification with SONG spectra: Obliquities & exoplanets orbiting early type stars
Justesen, A. B.
11- The frequency of planets orbiting stars with wide substellar companions
Lodieu, N.
12- Solar-like activities of close binaries
Luo, C.
13- The Sun's global magnetism with SONG
Martínez González, M. J.
14- High precision radial velocity monitoring of Arcturus with SONG: Results of the 3-year continuous campaign
Pallé, P. L.
15- TESSSONG: The Brightest Northern Stars
Palle, P. L.
16- Synergies with SONG
Pollard, K.
17- Science with high-resolution spectrographs at Telescopio Nazionale Galileo
Poretti, E.
18- Improved analysis of SONG spectra?
Schou, J.
19- The power of SONG for studying massive O stars and B supergiants
Simón-Díaz, S.
20- Massive or not massive that is the question
Stello, D.
21- Possibilities of small-size telescopes in complementing results of space missions
Tautvaisiene, G.
22- First inferences of asteroseismic data of HD122563 from the Hertzsprung telescope
Thévenin, F.
23- Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) Catalog of Periodic Variable Stars
Wang, S.
24- Update on BiSON-mini
Yvonne Elsworth
25- Convection and stellar oscillations
Zhang, C.