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Humam Cognition in Astronomical Categories
Matsyna Andrey, Polyakova Olga


Affirmative solution of impasses in liberal arts sometimes could be found in natural sciences. Specifically, philosophic perception for such phenomena as human cognition, archaic myth-ritual mentality and ancient sepulchral rites ascertains necessity to use some theoretic positions of modern astronomy. Astronomic scientific reference in its logic-schematic conception enables to decode ancient, symbolic language of astronomic information engraved in archeological monuments, myths, religions and language of many nations. Separate parts of unified astronomic model revealed in ancient and contemporary artifacts allow to make more complete investigation for whole picture of ancient symbolic cosmological knowledge and peculiarity of its culture-historical options.
Problems of identification and interpretation for astronomic knowledge composed of artifacts of the past, obviously, stipulated by extreme specialization and disconnection of particular sciences that have been emerged as consequence of researches made by scientists in liberal arts, who donít have proper astronomic education. Therewith, comprehensive level of astronomy teaching has some gaps in available information that is indispensable for general development. This is: information about location of the Celestial Pole in the Draco constellation, movement of the Celestial Pole around the Ecliptic Pole as a result of precession, temporary location of Pole stars in the Celestial Pole, four main systems of astronomic coordinates - Horizontal, Equator, Ecliptic and Galactic. As this information is essential in evolutionary development of human cognition, it can be found in folk legends, myths, religions, archeological monuments, subjects of material culture, archetype of human memory (according to C. Yung).
Sample of the star sky with its appropriate laws opened for archaic cognition had an affect on formation for mythological perception of reality. In turn, myth caused specific philosophic variants of metaphysics for life and death, different ways of cultural removal for mortal matters (ideas of eternal retrieval, mystic reincarnation, etc.), and also, unique images of material and spiritual culture. Therefore, laws for movement of the star sky perceived in archeo-astronomic aspect reveal prospects to comprehend the whole dynamic process of human cognition, which has its own specificity and peculiarities on each level of evolutional development.