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The Holy Quran and Cosmology
Mosalam Shaltout


Many statements in the Holy Quran speak about sun, moon, planets, and stars. Also, there are statements about the Zodiac, Lunar month, and the visibility of the new moon (crescent), where three of the fifth corners of Islam (Prayer, Fast, and Hajj) depend on astronomical basis. Also, there is a description for Venus as the Pearl planet, and statement about Sirius. The Holy Quran describes the twilight of sunrise and sunset, the daylight and night sky.

The Holy Quran mentions the structure of the sky, and how the cosmos started. Some of the Muslims astronomers show a coincidence between the statements describing the cosmos structures in the Holy Quran and the big bang theory. Also, there are some signs for the matter and anti-matter mentioned in the Holy Quran. Moreover, there are some signs for the supernova remnants and the ejection of the iron F56 from supernova to the solar proto-nebula.

In general, the Holy Quran shows coincidence with the modern astronomy and science. This study is a new interpretation for the cosmological statements in the Holy Quran under the light of the modern astronomy and space sciences to show the coincidence between the Holy Quran and sciences.