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A fourth mesoamerican cosmological system
Arnold Lebeuf


A fourth mesoamerican cosmological system.

In previous research and publication, I have proposed a general frame of mesoamerican cosmological systems. All of them are built of basic identical fragments made of chunks of time. The basic cosmological unit is made of 104 formal years or 65 exact Venus sinodical cycles.
All the ancient cosmologies and especially the mesoamerican ones are constructed on the idea of the geometrical perfection of God's creation or gods creation, on simple geometrical figures and perfect congruency of arithmetical numbers. The formal mesoamerican system is astonishingly good as an approximation of reality at long term.
What their priests, philosophers or cosmologists where looking for, first of all was the return of great conjunctions to their initial point in the calendar. Mesoamerican cosmology is first of all a work of congruency.
I shall present four different possible arrangements of the basic 104 years elements by groups of one, four, ten, twelve and fifteen, offering the same and different systems of great conjunctions.
1) the system of the Dresden Maya Codex.
2) the system of Xochicalco and Teotihuacan.
3) the system of the Aztec reform
4) the system in the Leyenda de los Soles, texto de 1558.

If this is right, we might have here the instrument for entering mesoamerican absolute chronology.