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Bianchini’s Patron: El Rei D. Joćo V de Portugal
Cāndido Marciano da Silva


The patronage of sciences and arts had in the eighteenth century an impact on scientific and artistic development only equalled by present day large scale funding of science programs and artistic activities. The detailed analysis of that period carried out by several authors highlights the role of royalty in promoting innovative thinking and helping in laying down the foundations of modern science. Many scientific instruments of that period survived and their identification may further contribute to the clarification of those foundations. Heilbron points to a stimulating strong interaction between the scientific developments of astronomy in Italy and the court of King D. Joćo V in Portugal. Although not an intellectual, King D. Joćo V became a consistent and committed patron of the sciences and the arts, beyond mere curiosity and inclination. As Delaforce argued, his role of Maecenas has deserved little recognition.