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N-body Simulations of galaxy formation: 'laboratory experiments' in Cosmology
A. Cesar Gonzalez-Garcia


Astronomy and Cosmology obtain most of their data from the light coming from the stars. As such, it is impossible to plan controlled laboratory experiments playing with stars of galaxies in different conditions to obtain data as required in the physical sciences. A way to over come this problem is by performing huge samples of observations of systems with different conditions. Another one is working with mock data. Such data is presently obtained thanks to computer simulations of galaxy formation and evolution and one of the most fruitful approaches is the known as N-body simulations.

In the present talk I will review the history of N-body experiments of galaxy evolution, from light-bulb experiments performed 60 years ago to present day simulations done at high performance computer clusters. Then a summary of the state of the art in computer N-body simulations of galaxy formation and evolution will be presented to finally aim at future possible developments.