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The Astral Disc of Chevroches (France)
F.Devevey, A. Rousseau, C. Vernou, P. Cauderlier, C. Magister


Invented in 2001 by archaeologists under the scientific responsibility of Frederick Devevey (Inrap archaeologist at the laboratory and a member of the laboratory CNRS of Chrono - environment) the mysterious object has taken full meaning that the Fall 2004.
Under the expert hands of restorers of the Laboratory of Archaeology metal (Jarville-Nancy), the spherical shell that had been cataloged as a first step phalère as "decorative" (a sling?) Suddenly turned into the privileged class of Scientists objects. Three concentric fine lines inscriptions in Greek immersed the archaeologists in a stir doubts. The investigation was continuing and using the skills of a university in Dijon, Patrice Cauderlier, the riddle began to be decrypted. The "hard" wearing testimony to the taste of men from antiquity to the questions about their future: the sky was going to be favorable? But since then, other hypotheses about the function of the object were made by researchers…
This conference will be presented by Frederick Devevey (chief scientific archaeologist) and Aurélie Rousseau (archaeologist), and show the archaeological context of the discovery, as well as the first results of the research group that was formed to understand the origin and function of this object, which for the moment is unique in the ancient world.