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The Book of the “Relogio del Palacio de las Horas” from the “Libros del saber de Astronomía” of Alfonso X.
Juan David Morales


1. Edition of the text: I have made an edition of the original text of the book of the Clock of the Palace of the Hours from the Books of the knowledge of Astronomy of Alfonso X (Manuscript 156, Complutense University). Observations and pertinent critics to the interpretation of the text were made.
2. A description of the astronomical functionality of the Clock of the Palace of the Hours. I have made a brief geometric description of the positional astronomy on which the operation of the Palace is based.
The book of the Relogio del Palacio de las Horas is taken as subject of the work, because it does not exist a complete study nor a trustworthy and critical edition of this text.
Since the text of the manuscript is basically a manual of construction, I have procured, by means of the analysis of each one of the procedures described by the author, to make a virtual reconstruction in which the process of construction of the structure of the palace was clarified.
I consider the subject a relevant one because it deals with a solar clock of unique characteristics, and possibly with the only existing description of a device like this in the historical registry.