Social Events

Welcome cocktail and concert

Monday, October 15th. 19:30-21:00.

The welcome cocktail of the conference will be offered at the former Monastery of Santo Domingo de Guzman. Today, this religious building houses the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Citizen Involvement of La Laguna's City Council and it has been considered an Asset of Cultural Interest since 1986. Over the years, the building has been used as a Dominican convent, a monastery, a school and a public library. The most outstanding feature on the outside is the 18th century bell gable, whilst the inside has various lovely elements such as the cloister with its gardens, the white marble columns and the fountain in the patio.

The event will start at 19.30. From 19.30 to 20.00, we will have a concert by the Maresia Trio, in one of the rooms of the Monastery. Maresia is a clarinet-cello-piano trio from Tenerife, composed by Noemi Brito (piano), Ciro Hernández (chelo) and Alvaro García (clarinet). The program of the concert will be included here soon.

The cocktail will be served in the patio of the Monastery, immediately after the concert.



Visit to the Teide Observatory and the Teide National Park

Tuesday, October 16th. 13:30 to 21:00.

The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC)  administers the “Observatorios de Canarias” (OOCC), a single Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructure (ICTS), formed by the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos (ORM) and the Observatorio del Teide (OT). These two astronomical reserves, protected by Law, have been open to the international scientific community since 1979, in accordance with the Agreements for Cooperation in Astrophysics. Currently, the OT and ORM contain telescopes and instruments belonging to some 60 institutions from 18 countries. The OOCC is the most important assembly of observational facilities for optical and infrared astrophysics within the territories of the European Union. Other experiments for high-energy astrophysics (Magic, CTA-N) and the study of the CMB complete the battery of facilities available.

We will visit the OT, located in the island of Tenerife, at 28º18´00" N, 16º30´35" W, and an altitude of 2.400m above the sea level. The OT has a long tradition (more than 30 years) in the study of CMB anisotropies. Starting with the Tenerife radiometers operating at 10, 15, and 33GHz (1984-2000), multiple CMB experiments have been working from this observatory, including the IAC-Bartol (1994-1997) at 3.3, 2.1, 1.3 and 1.1 mm; the JBO-IAC two-element interferometer at 30 GHz (1997-2002), the COSMOSOMAS experiment (1998-2007) at 10, 13, 15 and 17 GHz; or the Very Small Array interferometer (2000-2008) at 30 GHz. At this moment, the only active CMB experiment at the OT is QUIJOTE. However, in the near future, there will be other CMB experiments in the site: LSPE-STRIP, GroundBIRD, KISS, and the TMS (CMB spectrometer at 10-20GHz).

After visiting the CMB lab and other telescopes at the Observatory, we will also visit the Teide National Park.

Conference dinner

Wednesday, October 17th. 21:00-23:00.

Location TBC.