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List of submitted abstracts ordered by presenting author.


Presenting author
1- A. Aparicio Resolved Stellar Population Modeling
2- A. Bressan Early Type Galaxies in the Mid Infrared
3- A. Lancon Modelling the near-IR spectra of red supergiant-dominated populations
4- A. Vazdekis Stellar population SEDs at 2.3A
5- A.J. Cenarro Extragalactic globular clusters: unraveling galaxy formation and constraining stellar evolution theories
6- Aaron Grocholski Detailed Properties of Populous Clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud
7- Achim Weiss Stellar Evolution Challenge
8- Alessandra Aloisi New Deep HST/ACS Photometry of Metal-Poor BCDs: Insights into the Real Nature of these 'Young' Galaxies in the Local Universe
9- Andrew Cole Quantifying the Delayed Star Formation in Leo A
10- Andrew Pickles Issues in Flux Calibration
11- Anna Gallazzi A census of the ages and stellar metallicities of nearby galaxies
12- Annalisa Calamida Omega Centauri: a possible link between globular clusters and dwarf spheroidal galaxies
13- Annette Ferguson The Global Structure and Stellar Content of M33
14- Ata Sarajedini The HST/ACS Galactic Globular Cluster Treasury Project
15- B. Barbuy Spectra of bulge giants for population synthesis
16- B. Panter The MOPED fossil record from 300k SDSS galaxies - Stellar Populations, Mass buildup, SFR, Mass Functions and Morphologies.
17- Bengt Gustafsson Libraries of synthetic stellar spectra
18- Brad K. Gibson Spatial and Temporal Star Formation Histories in the Local Group
19- Carme Gallart Old main-sequence turnoff photometry of isolated Local Group dwarf galaxies: first results from an ACS large program
20- Claudia Maraston Ages and masses of (high redshift) galaxies: the effect of stellar population modelling
21- Conrado Carretero Chemical clocks for early-type galaxies in clusters
22- D. Geisler The NGC 5128 Globular Cluster System
23- Daniel Thomas Galaxy formation as a function of redshift and environment
24- David Valls-Gabaud Comparing observed and synthetic colour-magnitude diagrams : from resolved stellar populations to pixels of distant galaxies
25- Dolf Michielsen The star formation history of dwarf galaxies - First results of the MAGPOP-ITP
26- Don A. VandenBerg On Stellar Models with Blanketed Atmospheres as Boundary Conditions
27- Eline Tolstoy Abundances & abundance ratios in our Galaxy & the Local Group
28- Eva K. Grebel Resolved stellar populations in the Local Group
29- Evan Skillman The Recent Star Formation Histories of Nearby Galaxies
30- Georges Meynet Populations of massive stars in galaxies, implications for stellar evolution
31- Gustavo Bruzual Studying stellar populations at high spectral resolution
33- J. Bland-Hawthorn The future of stellar population studies
34- J. de Jong Dissecting the structure of the Milky Way using stellar populations
35- James Rose Integrated Spectra of Early-Type Galaxies
36- Jesus Falcon Barroso Linking kinematics and stellar populations in Sa galaxies
37- Johan Holmberg Evolution of the Local Galactic Disk
38- Jose M. Rodríguez Espinosa Star light soon on the GTC!
39- L. Pompeia Abundances of Super Metal-Rich Stars of the Bulge-Like Sample
40- Lauren MacArthur (Caltech) Stellar Populations in Spiral Galaxies
41- Lucimara Martins A High Resolution alpha-enhanced Stellar Library for Evolutionary Population Synthesis: What still needs to be done?
42- M. Zoccali Chemical Abundances in the Galactic Bulge
43- Marc Sarzi The Stellar Populations in the Central 10pc of Seyfert 2 Nuclei
44- Maria-Rosa Cioni The SFH of local group galaxies from the Ks-band magnitude distribution of AGB stars.
45- McDermid, Richard M. Kinematically and Chemically Decoupled Cores in E/S0 Galaxies with SAURON and OASIS
46- Mike Beasley Globular Clusters in the nearest giant elliptical NGC5128 : a multiwavelength testbed for SSP models
47- Myung Gyoon Lee Star Formation History and Chemical Evolution of Resolved Galaxies: a New Model
48- Nobuo Arimoto Stellar Populations of BzK Galaxies
49- Patricia Sanchez-Blazquez Spatially resolved spectroscopy of early-type galaxies over a range in mass
50- Paula Coelho High resolution spectral population models for solar and alpha-enhanced compositions
51- Pavel Kroupa The stellar IMF
52- Ph. Prugniel Large empirical stellar libraries at high resolution
53- R Peterson Metallicity and age of M31 globular clusters from automated fits to theoretical spectra
54- Reddy, B.E Decomposition of the Galactic Disk: Abundances and Kinematics
55- Reynier Peletier The Nature of Galactic Bulges from SAURON Absorption Line Strength Maps
56- Roberto Cid Fernandes Stellar Populations and the Star Formation History of Late-Type Galaxies
57- Roeland Van Der Marel The Nature of the Ubiquitous Nuclear Star Clusters in Spiral Galaxies from HST and VLT spectroscopy
58- Rosaria Tantalo New response functions for absorption-line indices from high-resolution spectra
59- S. Charlot Stellar Population Synthesis Models
60- Santi Cassisi Evolutionary models for low- and intermediate-mass stars: constraints from multi-wavelength observations of stellar systems
61- Soeren S. Larsen Star Clusters as Tracers of Extragalactic Stellar Populations.
62- Tadayuki Kodama Panoramic Views of Cluster Evolution since z=3
63- Thorsten Lisker The Many Faces of Early-Type Dwarfs - Different Snapshots of Their Evolution?


1- P-II.01 A. Alves-Brito Mn, Cu and Zn abundances in metal-rich globular clusters
2- P-I.17 A. Marin-Franch Surface-brightness fluctuations in stellar populations: IAC-star models for the optical and near-IR wavelengths
3- P-III.29 A. Renzini The Star Formation History in Andromeda's Diffuse Stellar Halo
4- P-II.25 A. Sollima The puzzling origin and evolution of stellar populations in omega Centauri
5- P-IV.02 A.G. Bedregal S0 Galaxies in Fornax: Stellar Populations at Large Galactocentric Distances
6- P-V.11 A.Hempel Stellar Populations in Extremely Red Galaxies
7- P-V.12 A.Hempel The stellar population in the high redshift universe
8- P-I.27 Achim Weiss Low-mass stellar models with new opacity tables and varying alpha-element enhancement factors
9- P-IV.06 Adriana de Lorenzo-Cáceres Rodríguez Galaxies with nested bars: constraining their formation scenarios
10- P-III.23 Alan McConnachie The dwarf galaxies of the Local Group
11- P-III.26 Alessio Mucciarelli Photometric and spectroscopic study of the stellar populations in the Large Magellanic Cloud
12- P-III.07 Andre de Castro Milone Stellar populations in the central regions of two nearby elliptical galaxies through two methods
13- P-III.19 Andrea Kayser The Age-Metallicity Relation of the SMC: New Results from Ca II Triplet Spectroscopy
14- P-V.15 Angela C. Krabbe Galaxy sample at intermediate redshifts (0.2 $<$ z $<$ 0.8): photometric properties and stellar populations
15- P-IV.26 Anil Seth The Stellar Halos and Outer Disks of Nearby Galaxies
16- P-III.30 Anil Seth The ACS Nearby Galaxy Survey Treasury (ANGST) project
17- P-III.09 Annette Ferguson The Stellar Populations of M31 Halo Substructure
18- P-IV.15 Arna Karick The Stellar Populations of Ultra-compact Dwarf Galaxies
19- P-V.21 B. Rocca-Volmerange ULIRGs in the ISO12mu + SPITZER24mu Faint Galaxy Counts
20- P-V.20 B. Rocca-Volmerange The 12mu ISOCAM survey of the ESO Sculptor field
21- P-II.17 Brian Marsteller The Frequency of Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars in SDSS and SEGUE
22- P-II.04 C. Cacciari Monitoring the structure of the Galactic halo up to 10-12 kpc with BHB and RR Lyrae stars
23- P-II.16 C. Gonzalez-Fernandez TCS-CAIN Spectroscopic Follow-up: Inner structure of the Milky Way
24- P-I.26 C.J. Walcher On the applicability of modern stellar population models to surveys of the distant universe
25- P-V.03 Cardiel, N. IFU observations of the core of Abell 2218
26- P-III.04 Carrera, R. The Chemical Enrichment History of the Magellanic Clouds
27- P-V.25 Carsten Weidner A Possible Origin of the Mass--Metallicity Relation of Galaxies
28- P-II.18 Cecilia Mateu Search for RR Lyrae stars in the Canis Major overdensity
29- P-I.28 Ching-Wa Yip Separating Physical Components from Galaxy Spectra by Subspace Methods
30- P-V.28 Ching-Wa Yip Radial Dependence in Stellar Populations and Star Formation History of Disk Galaxies in the SDSS
31- P-II.21 Daniela B. Pavani Integrated spectroscopy and individual spectra of stars of open cluster remnants and candidates
32- P-IV.29 Daniela Villegas The Nature of LSB galaxies revealed by their Globular Clusters
33- P-II.28 David R. Zurek Ultraviolet Studies of the Cores of Globular Clusters
34- P-I.06 Deng, L. Simple Stellar Populations: constraints from open clusters and binary evolution
35- P-IV.10 Dimitri Gadotti Multiband Bar/Bulge/Disk Image Decomposition of a Thousand Nearby Galaxies
36- P-II.22 Donatella Romano The Chemical Evolution of Omega Centauri
37- P-I.23 Dr. Harinder P. Singh Filling Gaps in Indo-US Stellar Spectral Library using Principal Component Analysis
38- P-V.16 E. Kutdemir The Tully-Fisher Relation in Galaxy Clusters using 2-Dimensional Spectroscopic Data
39- P-III.13 E.V. Held The star formation history of the dwarf irregular galaxy SagDIG
40- P-III.02 Edouard Bernard Short-period variables in the Local Group dwarf galaxies LGS3 and Tucana
41- P-IV.27 Elisa Toloba High resolution spectroscopy of dwarf elliptical galaxies within the MAGPOP-ITP collaboration
42- P-I.18 Esther Marmol Queralto Stellar libraries in the K band: a tool for the study of stellar populations.
43- P-I.29 Fenghui Zhang Binary Stellar Population Synthesis Model
44- P-III.10 Fiorentino, G. Very metal poor Classical Cepheids: Cepheids in IZw18.
45- P-I.07 Fiorentino, G. The need for interpolated stellar tracks to derive the star formation history of stellar systems
46- P-II.14 Franchini, M. Alpha-enhancement in the Milky Way: results from the SDSS spectroscopic stellar database
47- P-V.09 Gaspar Galaz News from bulges hosted by low surface brightness galaxies
48- P-IV.28 Gelys Trancho Extragalactic Star Cluster in Merging/Interactive Galaxies
49- P-III.11 Greco Claudia The Oosterhoff type of Fornax dSph galaxy globular clusters
50- P-III.08 Guido De Marchi Stellar populations in the Magellanic Clouds: looking through the dust
51- P-IV.12 Gusev, A.S. A comparison of $UBVRI$ photometry data of star forming regions in NGC 628 with a detailed grid of synthetic evolutionary models of stellar systems
52- P-III.21 Henny Lamers The destruction of star clusters in different environments
53- P-IV.05 Hugh Crowl Where in the Virgo Cluster are Galaxies Stripped?
54- P-I.14 Hyun-chul Lee alpha-element enhancement effects on the Lick spectral indices and broad-band and SBF colors and magnitudes
55- P-I.04 Igor Chilingarian Access to Stellar Population Models in the Virtual Observatory
56- P-V.04 Igor Chilingarian New method for high-precision estimates of the stellar population parameters and its applications to early-type dwarf galaxies
57- P-IV.08 Igor Drozdovsky The Stellar Structures around Disk Galaxies
58- P-IV.20 Ilani Loubser Stellar Populations across cD Galaxies
59- P-III.33 Ingrid Meschin The Cepheid variable star population in the Local Group dwarf galaxy Pegasus
60- P-V.18 Isabel Perez Martin Understanding secular evolution through the study of absorption line indices in bars
61- P-V.29 J. Bland-Hawthorn Galactic Archaeology: Fossil Information preserved in the Stars
62- P-V.14 J. Iglesias-Páramo UV to FIR SEDs of intermediate redshift galaxies in the ELAIS-N1 field
63- P-I.09 J. Jesús González Stellar populations studies with the Wide-Field Spectroscopic SPM-Twin Telescope
64- P-V.23 J. Vennik Stellar content and star forming properties of galaxies in a dense group of galaxies around IC 65
65- P-IV.16 Johan H. Knapen The physical conditions of the ionized gas and the stellar populations in circumnuclear starbursts
66- P-IV.17 Johan Knapen The star formation history in circumnuclear regions of galaxies
67- P-II.02 Johanes Andersen New Lessons on the First Stars
68- P-V.01 John Beckman Star formation morphology: comparison of local galaxies with redshifted galaxies from the GOODS HST Survey.
69- P-V.13 Jonathan D. Hernández-Fernández Star formation and evolution of the cluster of galaxies Abell 2125
70- P-I.02 Jose Luis Cervantes Rodriguez A new age indicator for intermediate and old stellar populations based on H_{$\beta$} feature
71- P-I Jose Luis Cervantes Rodriguez A new approach to derive [alpha/Fe] for integrated stellar populations
72- P-IV.09 Kambiz Fathi Kinematic properties of star forming regions in spiral galaxies
73- P-IV.11 Katia Ganda Linestrengths in late-type spiral galaxies observed with SAURON
74- P-II.15 Klaus Fuhrmann Stellar Populations in the Solar Neighborhood
75- P-V.07 L Domínguez-Palmero Bulge colors of intermediate redshift galaxies in GSS and GOODS-N
76- P-I.05 L. Crivellari The optical depth of formation for the different spectral regions of a stellar spectrum
77- P-III.20 Leandro Kerber Physical parameters of 15 intermediate-age LMC clusters from modelling of HST colour-magnitude diagrams
78- P-IV.31 Leonel Gutierrez The edges of the stellar populations of early type spirals as probed by their radial brightness profiles.
79- P-IV.24 Lorenzo Morelli Age, metallicity and alpha-enhancement of stellar population in spiral galaxy bulges
80- P-II.07 M Cignoni Recovering the star formation rate in the solar neighborhood
81- P-II.08 M Cignoni The Galactic Halo density distribution from photometric survey data: results of a pilot study
82- P-II.05 M. Catelan Building Blocks of the Milky Way: Constraints from RR Lyrae Variables
85- P-I.03 M. Cerviño SSP models in the VO framework
86- P-III.31 M. Correnti A wide field survey of Sagittarius dearf Spheroidal galaxy (Sgr dSph). I. Data and tools for the study of the Sagittarius Tidal Stream.
87- P-II.10 M. Dall'Ora RR Lyrae stars in the Bootes structure
88- P-II.09 M. Dall'Ora Near-infrared photometry of the Galactic globular cluster NGC 6441
89- P-II.11 M. Di Criscienzo Deep photometry of the Galactic globular cluster NGC 2419
90- P-III M. Grossi Stellar populations beyond the Local Group: the SFH of gas-rich dwarf galaxies in Centaurus A
91- P-III.25 M. Monelli Kinematical and chemical properties of stellar populations in the Carina dSph galaxy
92- P-V.22 M. Vallbe Galaxies in Transformation - the Intermediate Early-Type Galaxy Population
93- P-II.29 M.Soto Dynamic in low foreground extinction windows of the galactic bulge
94- P-IV.21 Makarova L. Star Formation History of Dwarfs in Nearby Galaxy Groups
95- P-V.01 Marc Balcells The galaxy red sequence at z up to 1.5
96- P-V.24 Marcos Villaverde Sampling effects in the emission line spectra of HII regions
97- P-III.14 Maren Hempel Resolving stellar populations in extragalactic globular cluster systems
98- P-II.19 Maria Messineo Structure of the Milky Way and the distribution of young stellar clusters.
99- P-III.24 Meixner, M. Spitzer Suvery of the Large Magellanic Cloud: Surveying the Agents of a Galaxy's Evolution (SAGE)
100- P-IV.22 Mercedes Mollá Radial distributions of Spectral absorption indices in spiral disks
101- P-IV.23 Mercedes Mollá Stellar Populations in the center of the barred galaxy NGC 4900
102- P-III.01 Michael Barker The Star Formation History of M33's Outer Regions
103- P-I.13 Mina Koleva Comparison between different libraries of stellar spectra and population synthesis programs.
104- P-IV.14 Narae Hwang Star Cluster Population of the Interacting Galaxy System M51
105- P-III.22 Nicolas Martin A Megacam/CFHT survey of the M31 outer halo: searching for faint dwarf galaxies and streams
106- P-III.27 Noelia E. D. Noël SMC: Hints of the Star Formation History
107- P-IV.30 O. Vince Morphology Analysis of Nearby SDSS Galaxies
108- P-I.19 P. Ocvirk SPIF: Stellar Populations Interpretation Facility
109- P-IV.25 Paolo Serra stellar populations of gas-rich early-type galaxies
110- P-I.20 Peter Pessev Calibrating the SSP models from the visual to mid-infrared
111- P-I.01 Pietrinferni Adriano BaSTI: a new library of stellar evolution models - updates and applications
112- P-V.19 Prochaska, L.C Hdelta in the integrated light of galaxies: What are we actually measuring?
113- P-I.21 Prugniel Validation of LOS integrated population fitting with Galactic Globular clusters
114- P-III.18 Rachel Johnson The outer disk stellar populations in M31
115- P-I.11 Ranjan Gupta Cross-checking reliability of some available stellar spectral libraries using artificial neural networks
116- P-III.03 Robert Blum A SAGE View of the Mass Losing Stars in the LMC
117- P-I.24 Rodolfo Smiljanic Spectral synthesis in the near UV (3000--4500 \AA)
118- P-IV.07 Roelof de Jong The Stellar Populations in the Outer Banks of Massive Disk Galaxies
119- P-III.32 Rubén García-Benito HST/WFPC2 observations of a Giant HII region in M101
120- P-I.25 Rurik Wahlin Towards a low metallicity carbon star spectral library
121- P-II.26 Rurik Wahlin Thresholds for the Dust Driven Mass Loss from C-rich AGB Stars
122- P-II.23 Ryde, Nils Elemental abundances of giants in the Galactic Bulge
123- P-II.24 Ryde, Nils The Evolution of Sulphur in the Milky Way
124- P-I.12 Sally Heap Constraining Galaxy Properties With Observed Spectral Indices
125- P-IV.04 Sarah Buehler Probing stellar populations in the outskirts of NGC 4244
126- P-III.15 Sebastian L. Hidalgo The Star Formation History of Phoenix dwarf galaxy using IAC-pop algorithm
127- P-IV.18 Soeren S. Larsen Planetary Nebulae in Extragalactic Young Star Clusters
128- P-II.12 Sonia Duffau Spectroscopy of QUEST RR Lyrae variables: Sagittarius Stream.
129- P-V.05 Stephane Courteau Science with a Library of Integrated Spectra of Galactic Globular Clusters
130- P-IV.03 T. Boeker Stellar populations along circum-nuclear star burst rings
131- P-V.08 Uta fritze Interpreting High-Redshift Galaxies with Chemically Consistent Evolutionary Synthesis Models
132- P-I.16 V. Luridiana A probabilistic formulation of SSP
133- P-V.26 Vivienne Wild Post-starburst stellar populations in SDSS galaxies
134- P-V.27 Wozniak Chemodynamical models of barred galaxies
135- P-II.27 Y. Xin The Integrated Spectral Energy Distributions of Open Clusters
136- P-III.16 Yi Hu HST Observations and Binary Fraction of NGC1818 in LMC
137- P-V.10 Z. Han a binary model for the UV upturn of early-type galaxies
138- P-I.15 Zhongmu Li Potential colors for studying stellar populations

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