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Symposium 241

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Multiband Bar/Bulge/Disk Image Decomposition of a Thousand Nearby Galaxies
Dimitri Gadotti, Guinevere Kauffmann

We will present the first results of a detailed structural analysis of a sample of nearly a thousand nearby galaxies with SDSS images in the g, r and i bands. Structural parameters for bulges, disks and bars are obtained after image decomposition with BUDDA. The additional bar component, and when necessary a central point source component, results in unprecedented accuracy when considering the barred galaxies and type 1 AGN of such a large sample. Colors and color gradients of each separate component are also determined. All these parameters are analysed in connection with a number of other physical parameters for these galaxies, which include stellar mass, metallicity and age, mass/light ratio and AGN characterization. This analysis provides a thorough picture of main physical properties of the stellar population in each different component, and its connection to the galaxy global properties, at the present time, which must be explained by models of galaxy formation and evolution.

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