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Symposium 241

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The 12mu ISOCAM survey of the ESO Sculptor field
B. Rocca-Volmerange, Nick Seymour, Valerie de Lapparent

We present the results of a new deep mid-infrared (MIR) survey observed at 12mu with ISOCAM on the optical ESO-Sculptor field (de Lapparent et al, 2003). This field takes advantages of optical deep photometry and of a complete catalogue of redshifts down to B=21.5. Complete at 12mu down to 1mJy, a flux correction for incompleteness extends the survey towards 0.24mJy. The catalogue of 120 galaxies is published (Seymour et al,2006). All galaxies have at least one optical counterpart. The comparison with other MIR surveys (ISO, SPITZER) is presented and interpreted.

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