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Symposium 241

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Kinematical and chemical properties of stellar populations in the Carina dSph galaxy
M. Monelli, G. Bono, M. Nonino, P. Francois, F. Th{\'e}venin, A. Aparicio, R. Buonanno, F. Caputo, C.E. Corsi, M. Dall'Ora, C. Gallart, A. Munteanu, L. Pulone, V. Ripepi, H.A. Smith, P.B. Stetson, A.R. Walker

In the framework of a large program aimed at studying the old and intermediate-age stellar populations of the Carina dSph galaxy, we present low resolution spectra for $\approx$300 stars collected with FORS2@VLT. The selected sample of candidates includes, for the firt time, stars from the three main populations of Carina: old Horizonthal Branch stars, intermediate-age Red Clump stars, and young Main Sequence stars. We present here the first results concerning the kinematical and chemical properties of different subsamples.

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