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Symposium 241

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Spectroscopy of QUEST RR Lyrae variables: Sagittarius Stream.
S.Duffau,R.Zinn,A.K.Vivas,R. Mendez,G.Carraro,R.Winnick,C.Gallart

We present more results from spectroscopic observations of RR Lyrae in the ¨Sagittarius clump¨ (Northern Stream of Sgr.) These variables were discovered by the QUEST RR Lyrae survey. Previous observations (Vivas, Zinn \& Gallart, 2005, A.J., 129, 189) indicated that this clump contains debris from the Sgr. Dwarf Galaxy. Since then we have observed spectroscopically more than tripled the number of RR Lyrae variables that we had observed previously from the QUEST survey. We will report on these results and discuss the extent in magnitude and RA of this piece of Sgr. debris, as well as get a better idea of the dispersion of its radial velocity, and of its metallicity distribution. These new data with our old data will allow for better comparison with models of the Sgr. Dwarf disruption based on different dark matter halo shape.

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