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Star Formation History and Chemical Evolution of Resolved Galaxies: a New Model
Myung Gyoon Lee and In-Soo Yuk

Deriving star formation history and chemical evolution of galaxies is a crucial key to understanding the formation and evolution of galaxies. Nearby resolved galaxies where we can investigate details of various stellar populations are ideal targets in this regard. To date there have been good progress in two lines of modelling: models of star formation history on one hand, and models of chemical evolution on another hand. However, they were developed in most cases independently from each other. We present a new numerical model of star formation history and chemical evolution using the color-magnitude diagrams of resolved stars in galaxies. Our model differs from previous models in that it generates the simulated color-magnitude diagrams with the metal enrichment law calculated from the galactic chemical evolution model. Hence our model is free from the problem of age-metallicity degeneracy, and provides us with the information of chemical enrichment history as well as star formation history of galaxies. We present the results of applying our model to nearby resolved galaxies in the Local Group.

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