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Symposium 241

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Mn, Cu and Zn abundances in metal-rich globular clusters
Alan Alves-Brito, Beatriz Barbuy, Dinah M. Allen

Metal-rich globular clusters are important to study the chemical evolution of the Galaxy and one of the best approaches to better understand the physical processes occurring in the stellar populations as building blocks of galaxies. We report on Mn, Cu, and Zn abundances of giant stars in metal-rich Galactic globular clusters (-0.70 < [Fe/H] < -0.11), measured with the UVES spectrograph on the 8-m VLT UT2-Kueyen telescope. Data were analysed using synthetic spectra of the 600 nm Mn I triplet, 481 nm Zn I and 510, 521, 578 nm Cu I. Preliminary results are mean relative abundances of -0.39 < [Mn/Fe] < -0.35 , -0.10 < [Cu/Fe] < +0.00 and +0.03 < [Zn/Fe] < +0.22. These findings will be discussed in terms of chemical enrichment of the Galaxy in the high metallicity end.

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