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Symposium 241

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Resolving stellar populations in extragalactic globular cluster systems
Maren Hempel

Photometric studies on globular cluster systems in early-type galaxies are widely used to resolve stellar populations in these galaxies. The knowledge about the age and metalicity structure within the globular cluster systems allows to set constraints on the major star formation episodes in the galaxy. Here we present our method of detecting age sub- populations in globular cluster systems based on optical/near-infrared observations and Monte- Carlo simulations. It is based on the determination of the cumulative age distribution and its comparison to simulated globular cluster systems. We wil demonstrate the the ability of our method to detect age sub-populations in GC systems and compare the age structure of various systems. This allows us to investigate the dependency of a galaxies age structure, ultimately based on the formation and evolutionary history of the galaxy, and various galaxy parameters, such as galaxy environment, mass, and color. Single Stellar Population models are the basic tools for photometric age estimates. Therefore, we also investigate the model dependence of our results.

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