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Symposium 241

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Abundances of Super Metal-Rich Stars of the Bulge-Like Sample
L. Pompeia, B. Barbuy, B. Gustafsson, M. Grenon

The structure of our galaxy has been revealed increasingly complex and dynamical. Stellar and gaseous substructures have been observed within the known main components (bulge, thin disk, thick disk and halo) such as the bar, streams and comoving-groups, flares and a warp. Among these substructures, we have found a nearby group of high-velocity stars with highly excentric orbits and probable origin in the inner parts of the Galaxy. From previous works we have found for a sample of intermediate metalicity stars (-0.8 ≤ [Fe/H] ≤ +0.4 dex) of this group a different chemical composition compared to the average stars pertaining to the solar-neighborhood. In the present work we report our first results on a sample of metal-rich stars of such group that we have called the bulge-like stars. With this we intend to give answers to the following questions: a) What are the chemical patterns of this group? Are they similar to those of any other component of the Galaxy? b) What can be inferred about the origin of this population? c) What does it tell us about the chemical evolution of the Galaxy in the metal-rich regime?

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