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Symposium 241

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The Oosterhoff type of Fornax dSph galaxy globular clusters
Greco C., et al

Pulsating variable stars provide important information on the stellar system they belong to. We have obtained well sampled light curves for the RR Lyrae stars in four of the Fornax dSph galaxy globular clusters (namely, Fornax 2, 3, 4 and 5), by combining ground based data - Magellan 6.5m, CTIO 4m and ESO-WFI2.2m- and HST archival data. This is the first study of the variable stars in Fornax 4, the most central cluster. Reduction were performed with DAOPHOT-ALLSTAR-ALLFRAME and variable stars were detected with the Image Subtraction techique (Alard 2000). We discuss the Oosterhoff classification of the Fornax clusters: they seem to be Oosterhoff intermediate, and compare them with the Milky Way GCs. Their pulsation properties are used as a key to better understand the so far poorly known Oosterhoff intermediate globular clusters.

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