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Symposium 241

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Ultraviolet Studies of the Cores of Globular Clusters
David R. Zurek, Chrisitian Knigge, Andrea Dieball, Michael Shara, Knox Long

We have surveyed the cores of several globular clusters in the ultraviolet with the Hubble Space Telescope. The spatial resolution and sensitivity of this survey allows for the identification and study of a number of stellar populations. The ultraviolet survey of globular clusters has reveals a number stellar populations: hot white dwarfs, active binaries (e.g. cataclysmic variables and low mass X-ray binaries), blue horizontal branch stars, blue stragglers, and pulsational variables (e.g. RR Lyrae and pulsating blue stragglers). The comparison of these populations among the globular clusters will contribute to the solution of many of the long standing problems in the dynamics and stellar populations of globular clusters.

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