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Symposium 241

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Stellar populations studies with the Wide-Field Spectroscopic SPM-Twin Telescope

A set of international partners including México, Korea and the universities of Arizona, Princeton, Florida and Durham, are forming a consortium to build a pair 6.5 meters telescopes at the excellent astronomical site of San Pedro M\'artir Observatory. One of these telescopes is to be designed specifically for multi-object very-wield field spectroscopy (well beyond 1 degree in diameter). The main mode considers covering at once the whole 0.35-1 $\mu m$ spectral range at a resolution of $R\sim 5000$, for several thousand sky samples with and array combining IFUs and point-source probes. Among the variety of science projects of a facility that builds up the capabilities of projects like SDSS, and WFMOS we summarize its potential for detailed studies of the stellar populations in nearby resolved galaxies as well as survey studies up to z $\sim$ 0.5.

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