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Symposium 241

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The MOPED fossil record from 300k SDSS galaxies - Stellar Populations, Mass buildup, SFR, Mass Functions and Morphologies.

The fossil record encoded in galaxy spectra allows unprecedented access to the formation of galaxies of all masses and types. Disentangling this information using the MOPED algorithm we can probe the history of every galaxy contained in the SDSS, and determine ensemble properties such as SFR, metallicity evolution, build up of stellar mass, mass functions and spectrally determined morphologies. New work comparing these recovered properties to both more traditional measures (instantaneous high redshift indicators, luminosity functions etc.) and semi-analytical determinations from the Millenium Simulation allows considerable insight to our understanding of the process of galaxy formation on all scales and at all redshifts. Systematic differences between modelling assumptions and their effect on the recovered properties of galaxies will also be presented.

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