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Star formation morphology: comparison of local galaxies with redshifted galaxies from the GOODS HST Survey.
John Beckman & Ruyman Azzollini

An important diagnostic technique for observing the build up of stellar populations in galaxies is to track both where and when these populations were formed. We have used a local galaxies survey in Halpha to provide baseline information on star formation morphology in disc galaxies. Since line emission maps at HST angular resolution are not generally available we have experimented with broad-band proxies, using GOODS data at a range of redshifts out to ~0.9, showing that even rest frame U-band imaging is too contaminated by older population to give reliable morphological parameters for the distribution of star formation over the galaxy disc. In this poster we present our evidence for this conclusion, and also initial trials with GALEX images to test to what extent these shorter wavelengths will allow us to derive the morphological parameters: radial distribution, clumpiness, asymmetry, relevant to current star formation distribution at intermediate redshift.

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