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Constraining Galaxy Properties With Observed Spectral Indices
Sally Heap and Don Lindler

The Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) on Hubble has collected low-resolution ultraviolet and optical spectra of ~380 nearby stars (Michael Gregg, PI). We have carried out a custom reduction of these data to obtain a complete spectrum of each star stretching from 0.2-1.0 microns. For the ~ 250 stars having high-quality spectra, we have measured ultraviolet and optical spectral indices. We derived the atmospheric properties via Stromgren photometry calibrated by the model atmospheres of Castelli et al., and the fundamental properties (mass, age, and metallicity) via comparison with the evolutionary models constructed by and VandenBerg et al. (2006). Working with Gustavo Bruzual, Stephane Charlot, and Anna Gallazzi, we plan to use our results to constrain the star-formation history, mean age, metallicity, and mass of galaxies over the redshift interval, z=0-2.

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