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Symposium 241

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Surface-brightness fluctuations in stellar populations: IAC-star models for the optical and near-IR wavelengths
A. Marin-Franch & A. Aparicio

A new theoretical calibration of surface-brightness fluctuations (SBF) for single age, single metallicity stellar populations is presented for the optical and near-IR broad-band filters, as well as for the HST WFPC2 and ACS filters. The IAC-star code is used. Two Padua and the Teramo stellar evolution libraries have been considered. A set of single-burst stellar populations (SSP) with a wide range of ages (3Gy-15Gy) and metallicities (Z=0.0001-0.03) have been computed using each one of the three considered stellar evolution libraries. For each SSP, color indexes and SBF magnitudes are given, and for the first time, an uncertainty has been estimated for the SBF theoretical calibration. A detailed comparison of the present SBF calibrations with both previous calibrations and observational data is also presented.

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