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Symposium 241

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Stellar content and star forming properties of galaxies in a dense group of galaxies around IC 65
J. Vennik, U. Hopp

The environment of a group plays an important role in the evolution of its member galaxies. We will present the results of an optical imaging study of galaxies in a dense group of late-type galaxies around IC 65 and analyse them together with available near- and far-IR and HI data in order to search for possible imprints of mutual interactions on their stellar and gaseous morphology, stellar populations, and star-forming properties. We have found four new probable dwarf members of the group and classified them on the basis of their morphology, surface-brightness and colour. The dwarf companion candidates generally contain blue star-forming regions. The two dwarf satellite galaxies of the main galaxy are actively star-forming irregulars with a head-tail morphology. Their star-forming activity is probably triggered by tidal interactions with the main galaxy. The two brightest group galaxies are slowly star-forming with current SFR $\sim$ 1 - 2 ${\cal M}_\odot yr^{-1}$, however, they may have experienced star-bursts during the past 10 Gyr. The available HI gas reserve is sufficient to fuel the current SF level in bright group members for about next 5 $\pm$ 2 Gyrs.

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