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Symposium 241

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The star formation history of dwarf galaxies - First results of the MAGPOP-ITP
Dolf Michielsen, Alessandro Boselli, Javier Gorgas, Reynier Peletier, the MAGPOP-ITP team

The MAGPOP-ITP is a large observational project of the MAGPOP Network, aimed at the study of dwarf galaxies. In the framework of an International Time Programme, a total of 48 nights was allocated on the 4 large La Palma telescopes. The programme comprises optical/near-infrared imaging/spectroscopy of quiescent/star-forming dwarf galaxies in the field/Virgo Cluster. All galaxies in the sample are imaged in GALEX and SDSS in the UV and optical, and many have additional data available in the GOLDMine database. The aim of the programme is to study the star formation of dwarf galaxies in function of their environment and dwarf type. In this contribution, I will focus on the results obtained for dwarf elliptical galaxies (dEs) through long-slit optical spectroscopy. We derive mean ages and metallicities using optical Lick indices for a sample of field and Virgo dEs. Eventually, the data from the MAGPOP-ITP will be made publicly available for the benefit of the community.

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