Talk abstract

Quasi-realistic 3D simulations of flux emergence into the corona.
Martinez Sykora, Juan; Hansteen, Viggo H.; Carlsson Mats


We create 3D numerical simulations of magnetic flux tube emergence in a computational domain spanning the upper layers of the convection zone to the lower corona. We use the Oslo Stagger Code (OSC) to solve the full MHD equations with non-grey and non-LTE radiative transfer and thermal conduction along the magnetic field lines. We will describe the results from the simulations of the expansion of the flux tube the corona, the evolution of the new incoming magnetic flux, the perturbation of the solar atmosphere as a result of the flux tube expansion, and the interaction between the new magnetic flux and the pre-existing magnetic field. These models can help to predict and better understand the flux emergence evolution in the solar atmosphere and do comparison with the observations.