Poster abstract

3D Twisted flux tube emergence in an adiabatic stratification: calculations with Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR)
Martinez-Sykora, J.; Moreno-Insertis F.; Cheung M.C.M.


We study the buoyant rise of magnetic flux tubes embedded in an adiabatic
stratification in 2D and 3D numerical simulations. These calculations can be particularly relevant for the rise of flux tubes in the solar interior. We focus on the
flux tube dynamics, structure and the amount of flux retained in the head of the tube as a function of the Reynolds number, the curvature of the omega-loop and on
the field line twist of the flux tube. We conclude that, for sufficiently high Reynolds number, the amount of flux retained by the tube does not depend sensitively on the curvature of the Omega loop. We confirm previous results concerning the dependence of flux retained on the amount of field line twist.