Talk abstract

Relation between current, QSLs and Magnetic topology.
Anna Lisa Restante, Clare Parnell, Guillaume Aulanier


The Sun is the most studied star, but there are things still to discover about it. One of the main unsolved mystery is the coronal heating problem.

There are many heating mechanism operating in the low corona, but it is not clear which mechanisms are the dominant ones.

It is well known that current sheets and flare ribbons are well matched by regions where there is a rapid change of field line connectivity and also with part of the magnetic skeleton that defines the topology of the field.

By considering the different connectivity of the field, we identify both the magnetic topology and the regions where there is a rapid change in field line connectivity (i.e. the QSLs). We investigate the relationship between these structures and to the current in the system. We investigate systems representing the quiet Sun and emerging flux to investigate what knowledge of the QSLs and the topology tell us about the magnetic behaviour of these systems.