Poster abstract

High resolution observations of emerging active regions: from large to small scales
L. Contarino, S. Guglielmino, P. Romano, F. Zuccarello


Using data acquired during some observational campaigns at THEMIS, DST, DOT and SST telescopes, coordinated with other instruments (IOACT, BBSO, TRACE, EIT/SOHO, MDI/SOHO, SOT/HINODE), the first evolutionary phases of some active and ephemeral regions have been analysed, in order to study the morphology and dynamics of magnetic structures (pores, spots, AFS) during their emergence. The results obtained have provided indications on the atmospheric layers where the first manifestations of the emerging AR or ER are observed, on the upward velocity of the AFS, on the asymmetries in downward motions in the AFS legs, and on the consequences of the interaction of the rising new magnetic field lines with the atmospheric ambient fields. These results might provide significant information for the modeling of rising flux tubes in the solar atmosphere and represent physical constraints for numerical simulations.