Talk abstract

A Radiative Hydrodynamic model applied to solar flares.
F. Rubio da Costa, L. Fletcher, N. Labrosse, F. Zuccarello


In order to study the properties of faint and moderate flares, we simulate the conditions of the solar atmosphere using a radiative hydrodynamic model (Allred et al, 2005). In the simulation, a constant beam of non-thermal electrons is injected at the apex of 1D coronal loop and heating from thermal soft X-ray emission is included.

We study the contribution of different processes to the total intensity of some lines at different atmospheric layers and how it evolves in time. We obtain the total integrated intensity of the lines and compare them with some observational values obtained from Ly-$\alpha$ and H-$\alpha$ measurements.

We also modify the electron beam heating rate proposed by Allred et al. (2005) to study how it affects the results obtained by simulations.