Invited review abstract

Magnetic reconnection at 3D null points
D. I. Pontin


Magnetic reconnection at 3D null points - as well as the separatrix and separator structures associated with them - is thought to be of great importance in the Solar corona. Our understanding of the reconnection processes that may happen at nulls has come a long way in recent years, although many open questions remain. Here we review the current state of the art. Recent advances in theory and computational experiments have shown the need to refine the previous categorisation 3D null reconnection. We present here a new categorisation into three basic modes, depending on the nature of the flow near the spine and fan of the null. We will discuss the basic properties of these three modes - 'spine fan reconnection', 'torsional spine reconnection' and 'torsional fan reconnection'. Examples of null reconnection in the solar atmosphere will also be discussed.