Invited review abstract

SUNRISE: the mission, the flight (June 2009) and first results
V. Martínez Pillet (IAC), S.K. Solanki (MPS), A. Gandorfer (MPS) P. Barthol (MPS), M. Schuessler (MPS), W. Schmidt (KIS) M. Knoelker (HAO), J.C. del Toro Iniesta (IAA), V. Domingo (GACE), A. Alvarez (INTA) and the SUNRISE team.


As it is commonly said 'things happen' and sometimes they are not bad at all. In this presentation, I will narrate how the launch and the actual flight of the SUNRISE balloon experiment happened in June this year from ESRANGE (Sweden) to Somerset (Canada). SUNRISE is a 1 mt aperture solar telescope that flew for 5.5 days equipped with an image stabilization system, a near-UV camera and a vector magnetograph (IMaX). Data has been recovered and is being reduced. It is expected that this effort will finish by the end of the year. Data reduction status will be presented and the opportunities to use the data explained.