Scientific rationale

SpaceInn activities aim to secure optimal use of the existing and planned data, from space and from the ground, in helio- and asteroseismology. They are organized around the topics of data access, scientific expertise and existing coordination.

The workshop “Peak-bagging for Helio- and Asteroseismology” will focus on some key issues already stated in the “Global Helioseismology” work package . In particular, how to obtain a new solar activity proxy directly from helioseismic observations, to develop a well documented and robust peak-bagging open tool and to asses the optimal use of different instrumentation observing the same Sun at the same time and how to combine different mode sets. mode sets. Moreover, reviews and progress on solar and stellar inversions as well as other related parallel topics discussions, will take place in a very pleasant environment.

It is the final goal of this Workshop to bring together experienced scientists on these domains to really contribute towards the final procurement of the main deliverables.

The topics to de discussed in the various sessions comprise:


  • Sensitivity of helioseismic observations to solar activity degree: a new photometric solar activity proxy
  • Towards a better understanding of the peak-bagging techniques
  • How to optimize the combined used of many contemporaneous helioseismic observations from different instruments
  • Sensitivity of current solar inversion techniques to different sets of modes and the physical meaning of the associated uncertainties.