Scientific Program

June 3

Section 1 - Thermal models

09:00     Licandro/Delbo        OPENING

09:15     M. Delbo            A brief historical perspective of the development of thermal/thermophysical modelling

09:45    Fumihiko Usui       Infrared Asteroid Survey with AKARI

10:15     A. Cellino           How to determine asteroid albedos: the role of Polarimetry


10:45    Coffee break


Section 2  - Asteroids

11:15    M. Viikinkoski       Asteroid shape modelling with ADAM: reconstructing Juno from ALMA observations

11:45    J. Hanus               Effects of shape uncertainties in thermal modeling and revised WISE uncertainties

12:15    M. Devogele          A method to search for large-scale concavities in asteroid shape models

12:45     Lunch break


Section 3  - Asteroids

14:00    E. Howell              SHERMAN: A Shape-based Thermophysical Model for Near-Earth Asteroids

14:30    S. Lowry              The Search for Observational Detections of the YORP Effect

15:00    P. Sevecek           Three-dimensional heat diffusion in boulders and the influence on the YORP effect

15:30    O. Golubov           Modelling Tangential YORP


16:00     Coffee break


Section 4  - Asteroids

16:30    Migo Mueller         Binary TPM + ExploreNEOs results

17:00    P. Tanga               L-type: rare remains of a first asteroid generation?

17:30    Z. Landsman        M-type Asteroids in the Mid-Infrared

18:00    J. Crowell             Thermophysical Model of 1627 Ivar


June 4

Section 5  - Icy Bodies

09:00    Y. Fernandez       Review of Observed Thermal Properties of Active Cometary Nuclei

09:30    M. Kelley             Thermal properties and models of comet dust

10:00    J. Licandro           When comets sleep: size, albedo and beaming parameter distribution of Asteroids in Cometary Orbits


10:30 coffee break


Section 6  - Icy Bodies

11:00    F. P. Schloerb        Rosetta/MIRO Observations of Subsurface Temperatures of the Nucleus of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

11:30    Cedric Leyrat          Surface thermal properties of 67/P inferred by VIRTIS/Rosetta

12:00    J. Biele                   Operational Comet surface thermal models: lessons learnt from Rosetta/Philae


12:30 lunch break


Section 7  - Icy Bodies

14:00    V. Ali-Lagoa            Thermal effects in comet nuclei. The effects of thermal cracking

14:30    J. Emery                 Spectroscopy in the Mid-IR of comets, asteroids and other airless bodies.

15:00    C. A.  Schambeau   A New Analysis of Activity Drivers in the Enigmatic Comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1

15:30     Coffee break    


Section 7  - Icy Bodies


16:00    E. Lellouch              Review talk on relevant Herschel results ("TNOs are Cool" and others)

16:30    P. Santos-Sanz        Thermal light curves of trans-Neptunian objects with Herschel-PACS  

17:00    P. Tanga                 The Gaia Mission 

17:30      *** ROUND TABLE ***



June 5


Section 7  - The Moon

09:00    Hayne                   Analysis of thermal data from LRO/DIVINER and thermal Eclipses

09:30    Ghent                   Moon's regolith properties from thermal IR data

10:00    L. Rubanenko        The effect of slope distribution on surface temperature of airless planetary bodies


10:30    Coffee Break


Section 8  - Laboratory and laboratory-related studies

11:00    N. Bowles           Laboratory spectroscopy measurements to support thermal infrared observations of airless bodies in the solar system

11:30    J.A. Arnold          The Oxford Thermal Emissivity for Regolith Model: Comparison with laboratory measurements

11:40    S. Lindsay           The Oxford Thermal Emissivity for Regolith Model (O-Therm): Model tests and improvements

11:50    T. J. Warren        OXFORD SPACE ENVIRONMENT GONIOMETER: Surface Roughness effects on the Directional Emissivity

12:10    M. Delbo             Thermal Cracking of surfaces of airless bodies: new experiments

12:30    J. Blum                Thermophysical modeling of granular surfaces

13:00     Lunch Break


Section 9  - Future perspectives & concluding remarks

14:15   B. Rozitis               Very detailed thermal studies of asteroids: OSIRS-REx

14:45   T. Okada                Thermal Infrared Experiments in Hayabusa2

15:15   E. M. MacLennan     Constraining Thermal Inertia using a Spherical TPM


15:45   Coffe break


Section 10  - Future perspectives & concluding remarks

J. Durech            Beyond classical TPM: Shape optimization through analysis of thermal data

16:45     E. Kührt        Strategies and pitfalls of interpreting radiometric IR measurements 

17:15     Licandro/Delbo    Concluding Remarks