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The Environmental footprint of Artificial Lighting

Oct. 3, 2018

The “Observatorio de las Energías Renovables y la Eficiencia Energética” Foundation is organizing on October 4th, a seminar with this title at the headquarters of the Real Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País de Tenerife. The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias will participate in this set of lectures, with talks by Antonia María Varela Pérez and Federico de la Paz.

On Thursday 4th October the Observatory of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Foundation will hold a seminar “The Environmental Footprint of Artificial Lighting,Protection and Evaluation of the NIght Sky” in the headquarters of the Real Sociedad Económico de Amigos del País de Tenerife, in La Laguna. As this Foundation reminds us, over 100 years of artificial lighting of public spaces has alienated us from a life experience of darkness, but this benefit has a double cost: the generation of the gases which accompany the generation of electricity, and the damage to the environmental and cultural value of dark nights.

With the aim of promoting the use of low cost lighting in public spaces, and to redujce the carbon footprint of artificial lighting there will be a set of talks, open to the general public, starting at 17:00.

One of these talks will be given by Antonia María Varela Pérez, a researcher at the IAC and a collaborator with the Starlight Foundation, who will talk about the importance of efficient illumination and the protection of the dark sky: and another by Aída Cedrés Díaz, who will present an analysis of astrotourism and of Tenerife as a destination. There will also be talks by Federico de la Paz, from the Technical Office for the protection of Sky Quality, at the IAC, with a talk ·30 years protecting the Sky of the Canaries” which will remind us of the thirtieth anniversary of the law known as the “Law of the Sky”, and by Agustín González, Manager of the Association of Young Businessmen of Tenerife, who will discuss the energetic impact of artificial lighting.

Juan Ruiz Alzola, Professor at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and a collaborator with the Observatory of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Foundation will be the chairman of this event, which will emphasize the need to protect and value the night sky.


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