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Winters School: Press Room 2010

Nov. 12, 2010


Press Release

12/11/2010 XXII Canary Islands Winter School: Asteroseismology

18/11/2010 The Songs of the Stars: The Real Music of the Spheres



Bill Chaplin: “Science would be very boring if all our theories proved correct right from the start, in fact that would be a very unrealistic world”


Steve Kawaler: “Some of the Asteroseismology early successes came through the work on pulsating white dwarfs in the 1970s through today”


Sarbani Basu: “Asteroseismology is the only means available with which we can probe the interior of stars”


Tim Bedding: “The space missions only have access to a limited fraction of the sky and cannot observe very bright stars”


Donald Wayne Kurtz: “Whereas before Kepler and CoRoT we knew of a handful of stars that pulsate like the Sun, we now know of thousands!”


Jorgen Christensen-Dalsgaard: “Data from the GONG and the SoHO projects have revolutionized our knowledge about - if not always our understanding of! - the Sun”


Thierry Appourchaux: “We always use outdated technology to go to space”


Mario Joao Monteiro: “Europe has established itself as the leader in many aspects of Asteroseismology”

VOICES (audiovisual interviews in English with Spanish subtitles)

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Press Room Collaborators:

  • Text: Annia Domenech, Pere L. Pallé, Terry Mahoney, Nigel Moore
  • Images: Jorge Andrés Péres (SIE-Inv), Ramón Castro, Gabriel Pérez y Miguel Briganti (SMM/IAC)

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