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2013 Observatorio del Teide Open Days Image and video timelapse

Jun. 24, 2013

Photo caption: Montage of almost 2000 individual photos taken at 35-second intervals, from Friday night, 21 June, until sunset on Saturday, 22 June, during the Open Days at the Teide Observatory. The images were taken with a wide-angle camera mounted on the GREGOR Solar Telescope. Star-trails can be seen in Friday's night sky, as well as all the activity of the visitors throughout Saturday. The final photo reveals the multitudinous attendance of the public.

Author: Daniel López (© IAC)

2013 Observatorio del Teide Open Days

Description: This timelapse video, taken at the Teide Observatory on Saturday, 22 June, 2013, captures in a few minutes the activities and movements of around 1500 people during the Open Days. The video was filmed from the top of the GREGOR solar tower (the largest solar telescope in Europe). Images were taken every 35 seconds and cover the time interval from dawn to just after sunset. Since the date was so close to summer solstice (21 June), a total of 16 hours' activity was covered.

Author: Daniel López (© IAC)

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