“The absolute by its very rigidity drives our thought towards the sky and makes it float in limitless space. But nothing is better than dreaming to engender the future.”

- Victor Hugo, Les Misérables -

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  • Presentation of the video recorded by the Tenerife Symphony at the Grantecan. Credit: Cabildo de La Palma
    The Gran Telescopio Canarias observes Beethoven’s musical universe
  • HST imaging and narrow and broad components ALMA maps of ID2299. The top-left panel shows the HST-F814W imaging of the source, sampling the UV rest-frame emission from young stars. The top (bottom) rows show the CO(2-1), CO(5-4), [CI](2-1) and CO(7-6) ALMA maps of the narrow (broad) emission
    A challenge to models of star-formation truncation in massive galaxies
  • Composition of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn , with the Moon. Credit: Daniel López and Alfred Rosenberg/IAC
    The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn: astronomical event of the year
  • Javier González Fernández and Natalia Arteaga Marrero, ITC and IACTEC engineers, during the inspection of the phantom carried out at the ITC Biomedical Engineering Laboratory. Credit: Enrique Villa
    MUTANT, the tool in PROMISSE to characterize biological tissues at different depths
  • Distribution of dark matter and its tracers (halos). Credit: Gabriel Pérez Díaz, SMM (IAC).
    New techniques are developed for producing synthetic catalogues of galaxies


  • Un Contrato - Titulado Superior UC3 (Modalidad interinidad) PS-2020-061

    Resolución del Director del Consorcio Público Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, por la que se convoca proceso selectivo para la elaboración de Relación de Candidatos para la contratación temporal